Tennis Courts

You have tennis courts for rent. You can offer your customers four open-air courts, and two balloon-covered courts. In this sceanrio there are only two services offered - outside and inside tennis court.

  • Set Calendar Type to Public - this option will allow to search the calendar by its name later on.
  • Set Calendar Authorization to Confirm Access - you will authorize every client before he/ she is granted an access to browse the schedule and see available dates for each service you have defined.
  • Set Order Authorization to Auto - customers with granted access to your calendar will make their reservations which will automaticaly be accepted. However, you would always be able to reject particular reservation.
  • Set Order Details to Busy/ Free - your Customers will just see the word Busy over unavailable dates. Option Details would display to all members accessing your calendar name of the service and a client under particular unavailable date.
  • See general scenario for Calendar option details.