Football practice

Every Tuesday you play football with a group of friends. Not everybody shows up every week. YoBiz calendar will save you lots of time exchanging emails, SMSes, etc. on who is coming this week. All you need is just one click to see the list of people who commit to join the upcoming event.

  • Set Calendar Type to Private - in order to have an access to the schedule, the owner of the calendar would have to enter gmail address of a member in the User field. In the example there are six users added. Click on the User field to access the list of gmail accounts.
  • Set Order Authorization to Auto - there is no need for the owner of the calendar to authorize each time a user signs in for the practice.
  • Set Order Details to Details - as this is a private calendar, shared by the group of friends you can present the details, which means that every user will be able to see who signed for upcoming weekly practice.
  • See general scenario for Calendar option details.