Calendar, Service, Time frame

These are three elements you need to define in order to make your business schedule available to your customers upon reservations. Check out general information about each of these elements.

  • Business Name - your clients will search you by this name. Your schedule will appear under this name.
  • Description - you can provide some additional information about your business.
  • Enable extended address data - if filled out your clients will have the data on their order card which will enable them to navigate to your location
  • Calendar Type - there are two calendar types: public and private. The difference is that public calendar is searchable and the private is not. If someone creates a calendar with the name YoBiz and makes it private it will not appear in the search result list even though the word YoBiz was entered in the search field. Owner of a private calendar has to type in gmail address of each member that is to have an access to the calendar. Note that once you install YoBiz app a private YoBiz Calendar is created in your account. This calendar is marked with a star in your Calendar List tab. It will hold all appointment that you have made as a client. You can always change the YoBiz Calendar by clicking options menu next to your calendar name and selecting Set as primary option.
  • If you are an individual using YoBiz app for your business it is recommended to have a seperate calendar for your business and a seperate, private-type calendar set as primary for all appointments made by yourself to other businesses.
  • Calendar Authorization - select Confirm Access option if you wish to authorize access to your schedule for every customer.
  • Order Authorization select Confirm Order option if you wish to accept/ reject each order placed.
  • Set Order Details select Busy/ Free - your Customers will just see the word Busy over unavailable dates. Option Details would display to all members accessing your calendar name of the service and a client under particular unavailable date.Details option should not be used in Public type calendars as it could be considered as a breach to your clients' privacy. Option Details is designed for closed-group calendars, private type, where users do not mind seeing each others names in the calendar.
  • Minimum time prior reservation you can specify the minimum time you need before the reservation for particular date is made in your calendar. Example - you have a summer house to rent and you require at least one-day notice prior new guests arrive.